What can we do for Investors

Our task is to simplify and make accessible the green economy to all the potential private and financial stakeholders who are interested in diversifying their investments approaching the new energy markets.


We deal with technical and financial feasibility studies of the projects, inclusive of technical due diligence and risk analysis.


To proceed with the design engineering, we will make all the field measurements and surveys at site in order to maximize the systems efficiency while minimizing the costs.


Thanks to our strong experience in the field, we can design systems that perform according to the highest quality and energy efficiency standards.


We always keep pace with scientific research in order to propose only investments in the best technologies.

Site management

We have specific expertise for
the work supervision on site.


We directly manage the start-up of the plant
throughout all the necessary steps.


We fully take care of technical and functional testing of plants. We release commissioning protocols and plant acceptance certificates.

Why choose our team

We can provide comprehensive advice to enable you to operate as an investor in a simple, secure and effective manner.

In order to safely invest in the renewables market it is essential to rely on a trusted partner with strong technical and legislation skills. It is critical to choose a partner who is independent from system manufacturers and energy suppliers to ensure the best objectivity in the technology selection.

Encore meets all these requirements and this is the reason why we are confident to be the ideal advisor and partner for investors in the ever changing ‘Energy World’.

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