Who we are

We are a Service Company offering solutions for:

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Photovoltaic Systems

Energy Supply Optimizations

We offer engineering and integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable power systems implementation.

Complete independence from component manufacturers and energy suppliers allows Encore
to objectively identify strategies tailored to the needs of our Customers.

We are PV experts with 10 years experience and more than 120 MWp of photovoltaic projects designed and commissioned directly internationally, rooftop and freefield.

Encore è il tuo partner per i progetti di efficientamento energetico in Veneto e in Italia

Our mission

Our aim is to realize energy solutions to promote a sustainability culture. To realize our projects we get inspired from renewables and distributed energy generation models, where the producer and the consumer converge up to coincide, to create value both to the user and to its region

Why choose us

Encore personnel has been involved in the energy efficiency and renewables since more than 15 years, providing us with in-depth skills to professionally face any challenge related to energy efficiency projects.

Encore is your ideal partner comprised of professionals with specialized training, who engage closely with universities and centers of excellence studying emerging technologies and regulations in the energy field. Encore maintains a high standard in the quality and reliability of our services.

What we offer

Choosing to work with us will get you:

Engineering Services

Match your talent with our energy efficiency skills to bring new life to your business.

Energy Saving Projects

Keep focus on your core business and rely on Encore for the analysis and implementation of renewable power and energy efficiency solutions.

Building sustainable solutions

We go beyond engineering: we will follow the project realization through each phase.

Take a look at our references and international PV projects



A few words about us…

Our people are the foundation and the pillars of Encore: we have highly specialized expertise in design and management of complex projects, combined with a passion for innovation.

Tommaso Vagliano

President and Co-Founder

MA in Mechanical Engineering with a degree at the “Energy Department” of the DTU, Denmark. Tommaso has more than 12 years experience in the power generation technologies. During his career, he has worked in the US and in several “Power Plants” in Europe; in 2005 he was appointed Warranty Manager in General Electric for over 10GW gas turbines fleet dealing with customers such as Edipower, Edison and Endesa. Since 2009 he has strengthened his expertise in renewable energy and as an energy efficiency business developer, with a strong focus on photovoltaics. Tommaso is qualified as Expert in Energy Management (EGE) according to UNI CEI 11339 Standards.

Alberto Bordignon

CEO and Co-Founder

MA in 1996 in Electronic Engineering, Alberto has extensive experience as Technical Director of several major international groups. His main responsibilities include evaluation, design and construction of technological systems for power generation, such as, for example, combined-cycle gas turbines and photovoltaic parks in Italy and abroad. He has a strong background in the management of industries in continuous-cycle systems and renewable energy plants. In 2006 he was appointed Project Manager for the production lines and power generation plants revamping on 15 paper mills of a major international group.

More efficient together

CO-VER Power Technology is the strategic partner and a Shareholder of Encore

CE-VER Partner strategico di ENCORE

The CO-VER group brings in Encore his experience in financing, engineering, construction  and direct management of energy power plants with more than 30MW CHP Cogeneration owned plants.

Encore and CO-VER together can offer to their Customers the most complex energy saving solutions in ESCO mode financing projects and providing guaranteed savings through “Energy Performance Contracts”.