Encore partnership with Wattics aims to provide an
innovative cloud-based energy management tool

for Encore’s customers to accelerate the adoption of energy conservation measures through

A new class of self-learning analytical
energy management tools

to empower the management
of several sites in real-time

cloud service

to automate the measurement and verification practices of energy conservation projects through European-adopted standard (IPMVP)

Agile services and support tailored
to the needs of the Encore’s clients

Scalable Cloud-based
energy management platform

with wastage discovery engine, tariff analyzer, saving projections, energy breakdown and an outstanding user experience.

Named as ‘Best Emerging Company in Ireland 2012’ Wattics are a team of software engineers that developed an innovative cloud-based energy management platform using advanced software algorithms to uncover energy wasteful patterns and deviations from the norm, energy trends to produce actionable insights from raw energy measurements.

Wattics has recently launched an online tool that seamlessly integrates a wide portfolio of data sources for measurement & verification, offering an effective solution to fast track and manage projects.

The platform has demonstrated a four-fold increase in user engagement and doubled the energy saving measures implemented.

For more information visit: www.wattics.com

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