We make precise energy consumption analysis with identification of the elements affecting energy usage and related quantification. Thanks to these analysis we can define and plan the best energy efficiency solutions for your company.


We will provide technical and financial feasibility studies of each project, inclusive of due diligence and risk analysis while minimizing the possible impacts on your daily business during implementation.


Complete independence from component manufacturers and energy suppliers allows us to objectively identify strategies tailored to the needs your Company.
Is is not always necessary to make big investments to obtain big savings!

Optimization and retrofitting
of existing systems

We also manage technology retrofitting on existing systems with guaranteed energy savings thorugh dedicated contracts. Our global service approach will result in high system performance with guaranteed savings for your business.

Relationships with
local authorities

Our 15-years involvement in the energy and renewable field provides us with in-depth skills to manage the entire administrative paperwork with local authorities and energy regulators such as GSE, Enel, etc. providing you with a “turnkey” package.


Our smart monitoring systems are able to transform complex databases into clear outputs. This will allow to identify real-time consumptions for each energy source and to correlate them to your production outputs. You will be able to forecast potential issues and properly monitor the savings obtained with energy efficiency solutions.

Why choose our team

We can provide to your company the opportunity to take the road to production energy costs control and optimization.

The results will boost your competitiveness in the global market and the savings will turn into capital for your core business.

Industries, SMEs, farms have high potential in smart energy solutions.

Encore is your ideal partner because we are able to transform your energy production costs into investment capital for your business.

In all the industrial segments it is possible to significantly reduce the energy consumptions: rely on our experience to increase the energy efficiency of your Company!

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